Become My Patient

How to become Dr Elizabeth Boham's patient and meet UltraWellness Center staff.

Feel Better!

Nutrition is one of the most powerful tools that we have to help you feel better.

Why don’t you hear about this from your doctor? 

Well, doctors are shamefully undereducated in the field of nutrition. Only 25% of medical schools are meeting the recommended hours of nutrition within their curriculum. So todays doctor is not given the adequate education to harness nutrition as a healing modality.

As part of the faculty for The Institute for Functional Medicine,  I am working to develop and improve the nutrition education that physicians receive in medical school and beyond, so that all physicians appreciate the power of food.


It's Your Choice.

Every day when we eat, we make choices that impact our health, risk of disease and how we feel and look.

Through simple changes in your food choices and the food that you feed your family, you can feel better, look better and help your children be healthy and successful. 

We all know that what we eats impacts our weight, but what about our risk for breast cancer, whether or not we have acne, how easy it is for us to get pregnant, whether or not we get dementia when we get older. 


Right now you can change your health by changing what you choose to eat. I will help you make these changes, using food as medicine, so you can change your health and change your life.