Dr. Elizabeth Boham and Heidi Spear take you on a journey to prevent and heal from breast cancer.  Dr. Boham teaches you the functional medicine approach to taking care of your breast health and your overall health.  She explains how to balance all of the systems in your body and create a terrain in your body that is less likely to grow cancer. Heidi Spear will guide you through three different meditation and energy healing sessions that you can use again and again for optimal health.  These tools will help improve your overall health as well as the health of your breasts.  Come join us!

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I have worked directly with Dr Boham for years. Her skills and passion as a physician come through in this Breast Wellness DVD, as she teaches you how to use the principles of Functional Medicine to create wellness in your body and prevent breast cancer. The inclusion of Heidi Spear’s yoga and meditation sessions make this DVD a practical support that you can turn to day after day, to give your body the attention and care it needs. I recommend this DVD to all who are seeking guidance on their journey to breast wellness!
— Dr. Mark Hyman, Physician and NY Times Best Selling Author
Breast Wellness offers the perfect blend of lecture and experiential guidance. Dr. Boham’s lectures are warm, engaging and offer must-know information. Heidi Spear offers skillful guidance in the art of meditation, yoga, and deep relaxation. The combination provides a tremendous resource for all who want to be proactive in creating a healthy body, breasts and mind. I highly recommend this for personal and medical libraries.
— Sudha Carolyn Lundeen, RN, Yoga & Ayurvedic Educator and Consultant, and Breast Cancer Survivor and Thriver, whose latest DVD is Restorative Yoga - a Step by Step Guide to Deep Relaxation